To Lease or Buy? in Corner Brook

Choose the Right Plan for You

Leasing or buying a new vehicle involves a fair deal of research and you need a dealership you can trust to provide you with the expertise needed to make the right decision. At Western Kia, we offer you just that. When it comes to financing, we can help you make the difficult decisions or provide you with the info you need to get the right financing plan for your new Kia.

Leasing and buying are both great options but it all comes down to what best suits your lifestyle and vehicle needs. At Western Kia, we provide you with the information needed to make a decision.

There are two basic types of leases available in the automobile industry : closed-end and open-ended. Kia offers only closed-end lease.

Unlike the open-ended lease, this option does not require the customer (lessee) to "guarantee" a predetermined end value. Instead, the leasing company assumes the risk of estimating the resale price. The lessee agrees to conditions regarding the vehicle's overall condition and kilometre restrictions. Some closed-end lease contracts contain an "option to buy" provision for the lessee.

Contact or visit us at Western Kia for more information about leasing, buying, and our selection of financial plans.

To Lease or Buy?


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